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The perfect bag for the perfect night out.
We all know it: where to put your mobile phone, your ticket for wardrobe or your change if you have no pockets at all or if your filled trouser pockets are more inconvenient than practical.


Baobab Belt Bag in a XXS format for the most important things on the dance floor or when traveling: phone, credit card, money, and a small set of keys! Worn on the front, back or side, it's easy to forget that it's even there.
Handmade in Paris, each piece is unique!


Products may vary depending on the fabric parts and labels used and may not correspond exactly to the photo on the site. If you want a picture of the exact item available, please contact us before purchase.


Please note that this item has an invisible zipper now, in contrary to some picture.

Two kinds of Blue • The flat belt bag

Cet article est disponible en précommande. Nous ferons notre possible pour le remettre en stock au plus vite. Si tu as des questions, écris-nous un message!
  • unisex


    belt adaptable to almost any size, belt length ca. 76cm - 115cm

    two inside pockets

    invisible zipper

    belt buckle

  • Light Blue - Dark Blue - Gold

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