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carte cadeau Baobab sac banane
The Big One - handmade belt bags from Paris, in african wax fabric


Leonie is the designer behind our brand Baobab Paris. She created the brand of fanny packs in 2019


I am Leonie. Passionate about travelling and dancing, I noticed that there were no belt bags, which were at the same time  small, light  practical, and fashionable - to finally go out and travel with free hands and with a light mind.

If you don't have pockets and don't want to take a bag when you go out, where are you supposed to put your keys or money? Belt bags have been around for a long time. Kids from the 80's and 90's will remember them well! But nowadays, the only models that exist are skin-colored travel packs for travel or the functional, rather boring fanny packs for doing sports. Baobab Paris is here to change that! We created a fashion accessory that is both practical and trendy!


The special feature of Baobab Paris - its XXS size extra-flat model: a credit card, a pair of keys and a mobile phone - that's it! Nothing more, nothing less.


Keep only the essentials with you without having to take a bag or fill your pockets! The thin bag, which is unisex can be worn in front or behind and fits perfectly to your body. It is especially suitable for (social) dancing!

Our larger model - The big one - also offers   space for your wallet and other small items you don't want to leave behind!


All our models are handmade in a small workshop in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, run by Josna and Uddin. I choose all the fabrics and design the models myself in a constant quest to improve and adapt them to your needs. Most of the models are made of African wax print fabric. We change fabrics frequently to offer you as many different patterns as possible!


Do not hesitate to contact me for any question, suggestion or special request.



80/100% cotton


in Paris

Extra-flat fanny pack hand made in Paris.


Thank you.

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